How to secure website from Hackers?

How to secure website from Hackers?


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A secure website is what a business truly needs after getting a successful brand identity design, a logo design, and other brandings. Never underestimate the power of hackers even though you may feel your website has nothing to be hacked for. With the increasing trend of digital marketing, there is a high rise in hacking cases as well. These security breach attempts are not meant to steal your website data or mess around with your website but are attempts to make use of your server. They use your server to send emails as spam or set a web server temporarily.

In such case scenarios, you must hire a professional web design company to develop a secure and sound website that is not available to hackers, and your data is protected. WiseTech is a leading website development company that you can choose for your business and thrive with success.

Here are some tips on how to keep your website secure from hackers:

1. Software updates

Keeping your software up to date is the most important thing you can do to avoid any hacking. It keeps your website secure and protected. When there are security holes in the software, it is easy for hackers to find a way to hack them.

2. Be aware of SQL injection

When a URL parameter or a web form field is used by an attacker, it is known as SQL injection. These attacks are made to get access to your website’s database. You must be aware of these attacks and prevent them by using queries that are parameterized.

3. Be protected against XSS attacks

XSS is cross-site scripting attacks. These inject malicious JavaScript into your website pages which runs in the browsers of your users. These XSS attacks can steal information and change page content as well. In order to be protected against these attacks, you must make sure your users cannot inject these active JavaScript into your pages.

4. Be careful of the error messages

Make sure you give only limited information in your error messages as they could leak secrets such as API keys to hackers. Only provide minimal errors and do not provide full details as these could make it easier for hackers to make SQL injection attacks.

5. Keep a check on your passwords

The first that you must do to prevent hackers from hacking your website is to use complex passwords. Stronger passwords are at lesser risk. However, you must follow the requirements such as minimal eight-character, include uppercase letter and number, etc.

For a secure and protected website, you must look forward to hiring an expert web design and development company such as WiseTech. They not only will take hold of all your website development needs but also will help you in developing your brand design.

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