Web Development

Content Management System

At Wisetech we design smart content management apps to help manage your digital content. We offer both Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as well as Web Content Management (WCM) system. We collect analysis of your site performance which we use to customize your web content for the best result.

E-Commerce Web Development

Expand your market and make it easier for clients to complete transactions with an e-commerce website. At WiseTech informatics, we create custom e-commerce websites that suit our specific client needs. We assist companies by launching them in the right direction with a full stack of digital tools.

Web Application Development

Boost your online presence with smart web application tools. We plan, create and test all our web apps to ensure they are responsive and functioning properly. At WiseTech informatics, all our web apps are responsive across all browsers and platforms. We also provide you with analytical tools for further improvement of your client’s experience.

Inventory Management System

At WiseTech Informatics, we help companies organize their products and sales through inventory management, and we help them get a detailed breakdown of their stock and provide a real-time result of stock inventory. Using our Inventory management tool, it is possible to predict the future market structure.

Web Portal Development

We at WiseTech Informatics are saddled with the responsibility of providing you with web portal solutions. We comprise of a team of expert UI/UX designers, web portal developers, and testers. This is how we ensure all our products are of high-performance and function properly when fully launched.

Enterprise Solutions

Invest in an effective enterprise solution to help your business adapt to the rapid changes in the market today. Today’s business is changing rapidly and at WiseTech Informatics, we are changing with it. We provide smart solutions for your business development and sustainability.

Web Development Features


Multilingual Websites

Enjoy your web experience in your favorite language. At WiseTech, we create websites that support a variety of languages. This helps to increase interaction.


Amazingly Responsive

Enjoy the ease of payment on your website via our payment gateways. Customers can now make payments at your own convenience.


Payment Gateways

Enjoy highly optimized and responsive websites and applications across all user platforms. At WiseTech Informatics, the best is our starting point.


User Friendly

Our UI/UX design team will increase your website interaction through a user-friendly interface. At WiseTech Informatics, we combine design with professionalism.

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